– “The Fall” by Mucho Sonar
– “Rumble” by The Soorleys
– “One Eye Open” by Roscoe James Irwin
– “Angels Walk Below” by Harts
– “Break The Habit” by Godfrey Turner Overdrive
– “DiMiTree” by Tangled Pixies
– “Holiday” by Skyways Are Highways
– “Hollow” by Sunday Heist
– “Howl” by Lester The Fierce
– “Hungry” by Gooch Palms
– “I Need A Woman” by Hockey Dad
– “Let Up” by Lyke Giants
– “Pictures” by Every Day Carry
– “Search Your Head” by Every Day Carry
– “Shroomz” by Benjamin King
– “Tegan Victoria” by The Pretty Littles
– “Walls” by Winters End
– “We Are Strangers” by Ali E
– “YoYo” by Des Chio
– “P.O.W.E.R.” by She Rex

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