– “Picasso” by Young Night
– “Music & Me – Live in Brooklyn” by Chaquis Maliq
– “Six Feet Under” by Jester
– “Howlin’ Marilyn” by My Old Dutch
– “Electro Comb” by Michelle Xen
– “Empire Park” by The Patriots
– “On and On” by Ivan Ooze
– “Dreamer” by Jester
– “Ain’t Got No Soul” by The Cherry Dolls
– “Parade” by Yuko Nishiyama
– “Barrenlands” by Them Bruins
– “Somebodies” by Flight Mode (ft. Greta Stanley)
– “These Days” by Martha Marlow
– “Old Age” by E A S T
– “Bright Side” by Little Earthquake
– “Blue Lake” by Mereki

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