I have to admit, while I do enjoy writing all the content (including reviews, articles, video posts, etc) on the website, it piles up and all this work for one person can be a bit time consuming, so I feel like it is time to expand Eat This Music from a one person team, to two, three, etc.

I receive a fair bit of music from all around Australia, Europe and elsewhere, that I do need to bring on more people to cover – to bring different perspectives, opinions, and thoughts.

How would you like to get your start in the world of music writing and develop your writing skills? Does receiving new music from Australia, United States of America, Europe, Canada on a daily basis sound good to you? How does attending gigs (Australian writers only) in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane from time-to-time sound?

Then come join the Eat This Music family! At the moment I am looking for writers in Australia (mainly), Europe (secondly) and North America/Canada (third).

Why should you join Eat This Music?

1. You’ll get music
2. You’ll get to listen to music
3. You’ll get to write about music
4. You’ll get the chance to enhance your writing skills
5. You’ll get to to attend free gigs to “listen” to music
6. You’ll get your very own portfolio
7. You will be able to make contacts within the music industry
8. You’ll get to join a passionate person!
9. You’ll get the chance to listen to advanced albums, EPs, singles, etc
10. You’ll get the chance to interview artists
11. You get to be on Australian radio sometimes!


1. You need to have some sort of knowledge in music
2. You need to have a grasp on grammar
3. Experience with WordPress
4. Deadline driven
5. Team player
6. Speak english
7. Must have some form of social media/e-mail to communicate back and forth

Additional information:

1. This is a voluntary gig

Note: Please be patient due to the numbers of applications. I will get to your application as soon as possible.

To submit an application, send an email to steve@eatthismusic.com with reasons why you’d be suitable for the position – with any previous writing attached (it doesn’t have to be music related – but preferred.)