There is something special about YUNGBLUD, coming off like a younger version of Marilyn Mansion, YUNGBLUD’s Psychotic Kids is a fresh fresh visual taste of what’s to offer from the artist’s debut EP ‘21st Century Liability‘.

Having already given fans a big taste of what YUNGBLUD has to offer with the four other interesting tracks on the EP, YUNGBLUD’s Psychotic Kids is a heavy handed dose of impact, as the single essentially explores “people with old ideologies trying to hospitalize the younger generation’s way of thinking.”

YUNGBLUD continues, “our mental health is questioned because there is fear to adopt ‘new’ ways of thinking.”

“People are always afraid of things they don’t understand and instead of confronting fear, it’s so much easier to pass it off as insanity.”

Taking inspiration from the “likes of Bowie, Lady Gaga, The Beastie Boys and Marilyn Manson,” just to name a few, YUNGBLUD has put together a big theatrical showcase that shows how unique YUNGBLUD is as an artist, with more music yet to come.

YUNGBLUD’s debut EP ’21st Century Liability’ is out now.

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