London alternative four-piece rock band Wolf Alice are back with more of what fans have come to like about their fast, rock, right in your face vibes and vocals with the new entry ‘Yuk Foo’.

Yuk Foo is essentially a track that explores “being sick and fed up of certain expectations” with the focus on how women are cat-called, wolf-whistle at and essentially why they shouldn’t have to put up with it.

Wolf Alice’s frontwomen Ellie also noted how the band wanted the single to be left “open to interpretation” by the listener.

“As I get older, I feel like ‘Why have I always put up with that?’ When I sing that kind of song, it’s everything that I want to do when that happens.”

As far as the actual song goes, it is fast, in your face – per say – and just badass. This two minute and 11 second offering showcased a great side of Wolf Alice that needs to be seen more often.

‘Yuk Foo’ is the first taste of Wolf Alice’s forthcoming album Visions Of A Life, out 29 September.

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