In March, Grandaddy will be releasing their new album ‘Last Place, however, until then, Grandaddy has released a music video for their track ‘Way We Won’t, which was first featured on a sold out, limited-edition 7inch from this past September.

The music video features Jason Ritter walking on the side of the road hitchhiking as he comes across varies people stopping to give him a lift on various occasion, however, when one of them is an axe-wielding maniac, he rightfully declines.

Jason Lytle, the band’s guitarist noted how liked the director’s (Chris Grieder) inner-meaning of the video is about an outsider not being able to be accepted by new people:

“I would have loved to have made a video based exactly on the lyrics of this song, but I really like (director) Chris Grieder’s treatment because the main character is an outsider who has taken to wandering and can’t get accepted (picked up) by a varying array of characters. I felt it was important to place a girl in the cast of characters, someone who had some attachment to the loner guy and perhaps, just perhaps, was responsible for putting him on that lonely road. I have to say my absolute favorite part is the very end (you have to watch it).”

Grandaddy’s ‘Last Place’ is scheduled for release March 3, 2017.

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