A couple of weeks ago I was expressing how much I thought VenessaMichels was absolutely amazing and released one of the best EPs I have heard in a while.

Well, today sees the release of the music video for one of the singles off her debut FLIGHT EP, titled “Ridin’ The Waves”, which features the beautiful vocals from Outlaw the Artist & Effy.

Speaking on the creation of the music video, VenessaMichaels explains how the “music video introduces two key characters that live inside the world of FLIGHT.”

“Effy & Outlaw The Artist give you a physical representation of what Ridin’ The Waves feels like. I’m excited to share the full story of Ridin’ The Waves with this visual.”

The music video only adds to the greatness of the audio version; next I would really like to see a music video for Dance Forever with Outlaw the Artist & Effy dancing forever under $k‘s vocals.

2018 looks to be a big year for the Los Angeles native with more music and videos to come. Stay tuned!

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