If 2017 wasn’t a big enough year for Melbourne artist Vance Joy – with the big slate of festivals, awards, tv and movie appearances – 2018 looks to be even bigger, with the recent announcement of Vance’s new album ‘Nation of Two‘ due out for release February 23, via Liberation Records.

Today, Vance Joy has released a music video – and the third taste of Nation of Two – for ‘We’re Going Home‘, a song that sees the cast of characters within Vance’s universe going home to their individual lives.

Speaking on the creation of the Nation of Two cover art, Vance explains it as “a perfectly self-contained couple; their world beginning and ending at the bed they share, the car they ride in, or any other place where they’re together… The idea that their love for each other gives them their bearings;
a point of reference that makes sense of life.”

Having already given fans a taste of the album with ‘Like Gold‘ and ‘Lay It On Me’, Vance has put together another solid entry into his already satisfying stable of tracks, taking music to what it should be.

Pre-orders for Nation of Two are now available here.

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