Val Flynn is a pop artist out of Brisbane and today Val has released the first taste of what’s to come off his forthcoming debut EP, with the music video for ‘Stuck On Repeat‘, a song that is essentially about exploring the “revolving-door relationships,” Val explains.

“[It’s] something that connects all of us across the board. Regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status or race.”

Going into detail about Stuck On Repeat, Val explains how it is “a space where we can collectively forget our days, blast some beats and enjoy the night…” and how Val believes “we are overdue for a resurge of the days of WILD FM and day clubs alike.”

“This single is for all the kids who kick on at 5am and never stop skipping to the beat of their own drum,” Val concludes.

As far as pop songs go, Val has put together a solid effort that showcases his strong songwriting ability as an artist, while also touching on a person theme that impacts a lot of peoples’ lives; while also using the single and video as a platform to show what Val Flynn can offer the world of music.

2018 looks to be a big year with more music to come as the EP release draws near. Stay tuned.

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