TT is the moniker of Warpaint member Theresa Wayman‘s solo project, and today sees the first taste of the solo project with the slow-building emotional anthem ‘Love Leaks‘.

Love Leaks is also the first taste of what’s to come off TT‘s debut solo record LoveLaws – which, according to TT, is “down tempo, pretty sexy, and a bit emotional” – due out for release May 18.

Speaking on the creation of the solo project and the forthcoming album, TT explains how the album is essentially a platform to explore personal growth and growth as a musician over the past 14 years, “as well as enabling her to explore ideas that are otherwise difficult in a band setting.”

“Coming from a position of what it’s like to have and to get unconditional love.” TT concludes.

LoveLaws will also explore themes of romance, viewed through TT‘s very own experience traveling as a musician with Warpaint.

“I’m a romantic person in a world where a relationship is difficult. But I also needed to be on my own and not force having a relationship.”

2018 looks to be a big year for TT as she ventures out on her own to make a name for herself.

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