England pop duo Trailer Trash Tracys are gearing up for the release of their new album ‘Althaea’ next friday – prior to the release, the duo have given fans another taste of the record with their new single ‘Siebenkas’.

Siebenkas is essentially a lo-fi filled track that offers an immersive atmosphere that was present in their previous release.

Speaking on the video, one half of Trailer Trash Tracys Jimmy noted how the “video was supposed to be a rivalry between people who represent the moon, and people representing the ‘tiger’, which features prominently in Philippine folklore.”

“The video, however, has parallel meanings. Not to give too much away, we kept the narrative loose. The moon in the video could metaphorically represent knowledge (represented by the illumination) or something more spiritual. In fact, I liked the idea of the moon falling to earth, and people passing it around like a toy.”

Trailer Trash Tracys’ ‘Althaea’ is due out 11 August.

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