Titus Makin is an actor – appearing in the likes of Glee, Star-Crossed, Pretty Little Liars, NCIS among others – and pop artist out of Los Angeles, California.

A couple of days ago Titus released a music video for his new single ‘Suicide‘, a song that essentially works as a nicely put together pop offering full of saturated-colors sequences and artistic beauty.

The story of the song is a metaphorically representation of any toxic relationships that drain us from all the things that we once knew familiar. Specifically love and how much it hurts once it is gone.

Speaking on the creative process of the video, Titus explains how “It’s feeling like you can’t get a grip of anything that’s happening in your life due to being consumed by a dangerous love.”

“We wanted the viewer to feel like they’re spinning out of control, in confusion until you can stop, find grounding, and realize what’s happening.”

Having already released two singles off his forthcoming EP ‘lean’, Titus has not only put together a solid, and easy listening pop tune, but Titus has also managed to make a song about heart break look absolutely amazing – with due credit going to 17 year-old filmmaker Jake Williams for directing the video in a aesthetically pleasing way.

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