Theresa Heyer is a singer/songwriter out of Brooklyn, New York and today she has released her new single and music video, ‘Be Like You’, a song all “about that ‘it girl’ we all wanted to be in school,” explains Theresa.

“So often, we envy the image this popular person presents and long to step in her shoes. We think the grass is green and that is the irony this song seeks to highlight. When you step back and take the time to get to know the ‘it girl’, you realize her life is not perfect.”

Be Like You is a song Theresa is “hoping to impart the message that we all need to work on being the best of ourselves,” so Theresa essentially wrote a song for herself.

“I am constantly comparing myself to other people and really needed a concrete reminder to stop. This song is my reminder to myself.”

As this is a song about young people in their high school years, Theresa already knew how the single was going to play out visual. Explaining how she “knew this video had to be shot in a school and that’s exactly what I did. It has a bit of a Britney Spears school-girl vibe, but with my own Brooklyn girl twist.”

“I wrote this song with the thought of how young girls are taught, though subtle messaging and, now more than ever, on social media, that they need to be better.”

Be Like You is a personal song for Theresa, as she took inspiration from her own personal life, Theresa recalls a time when “there was a pressure to fit in and to be apart of the “it crowd.” Growing up, getting older, and realising you should just be yourself isn’t first nature to a kid, but it does play with your mind was your get holder.

Theresa explains to Eat This Music about how she – herself – “finally understood that if I had accepted myself for who I am from day one, I would have way more confidence now.”

“It isn’t until you learn to fully love yourself that you can stop comparing yourself to others and realize that you don’t want to be like them.”

2018 looks to be a big year for the Brooklyn native as she has another music video “in the works”, “an EP that is just waiting to be heard by the world” on the way, “developing a live show”,

“2018 strikes me a s a promising year. I think this is my year, no, I just know it!” proclaims Theresa Heyer.

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