Sneans‘ is the debut single from Melbourne RnB/Hip-Hop/Soul eight-piece The Mamas and they recently released a music video for the single, which essentially features the four lead women (Sugar Mama – Emilia, Spicy Mama – Kaitlyn, Saucy Mama – Abbey and Smoky Mama – Isobel) of The Mamas as they go about their day cooking fettuccine, exercising and dancing on the dance floor with their sneans [sneakers] and jeans on.

Speaking on the single, The Mamas explain in detail how Sneans is about exploring “the intensely pleasurable feeling one experiences while wearing sneakers and jeans.”

“‘Sneans’ takes us on a wholesome journey of self-love and acceptance. Clean your room, drink your milk, oil up your limbs and hose out your ears, and never forget who raised you.”

It’s also worth having a watch of the acoustic version as it features a double bass and a double bass always deserve more exposure, and because Sneans sounds pretty good as an acoustic single too.

Australian hip-hop and RnB is seeing a boom at the moment with the likes of Coda Conduct, Requiem, Marksman Lloyd and many others being at the forefront of the genre.

The Mamas are a great addition to an already strong stable of artists in Australia and Sneans is one hell of a catchy, finely tuned offering that showcases a fun creative side of the eight-piece with me wanting to hear more as soon as possible.

See The Mamas live:
6 October | Girls on Film Festival 2017 | Brunswick Town Hall

One thought on “‘Sneans’ – The Mamas

  1. Love this.
    Love the different tone of each voice and diction so I can understand words! You gals deserve to go ALL the way

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