The Last Martyr are a five-piece out of Victoria and recently the Melbourne-based metal outfit released a fantastic new music video for their single, ‘Into The Black‘.

Going into detail about the single, The Last Martyr’s vocalist and frontwoman Monica explains how “on the surface ‘Into The Black’ is about a destructive and co-dependent relationship,” however, “the overall message is that through your toughest times come your greatest life lessons.”

“Sometimes we need to embrace our darkest moments because without them we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the light or become the person we were meant to be.”

The Last Martyr offer a solid mix of metal beats and loud vocals, while also showcasing some incredible visual design and storytelling. Have a watch of the music video and engage in the world of The Last Martyr.

‘Into The Black’ is a fresh taste of what’s to come off The Last Martyr’s forthcoming debut EP, due out for release sometime in 2018, stay tuned as more music will be released soon too.

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