Tessa Violet is an underrated pop artist I first discovered back in 2018 when Tessa released her single ‘Crush‘, which I thought was an outstanding single and praised it on an episode of the Eat This Music radio program last December.

However, today sees the release of Tessa’s new single ‘I Like (the idea of) You‘, a tasty bright pop anthem that moves away from the standard sparkly pop melody and digitally enhanced production, and showcases an array of foot tapping, acoustic heavy instrumentals that explores the single’s story of when a partner loses interest in the relationship.

​Speaking on the release of ‘I Like (The Idea Of) You’, Tessa explains where the inspiration for the single came from, “I was seeing this guy at the time who I knew wasn’t that into me. And even though I could see that, it was still so much fun to think and obsess about him.”

Going into detail about the single, Tessa explains how she would be “replaying the way he said” her “name on the phone,” in her head “imagining what” she “would wear or say the next time” she “saw him,” while also “thinking of things” she “could write about him.”

“I remember that I could logically see it wasn’t going anywhere, so I thought maybe I should feel embarrassed about how much time I was spending on him.”

“But it didn’t make me feel embarrassed, it made me feel sexy and powerful. So what if they’re not that into me? I like the idea of it and I’m going to enjoy that,” Tessa concludes.

Tessa Violet’s ‘I Like (The Idea Of) You’ is a simple, easy to listen to pop anthem and I personally thought it was worth the share as I have enjoyed every Tessa Violet release so far, and Tessa has yet to disappoint.

I hope you like (the idea of) it.


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