SwiftBoi is a hip-hop artist out of Victoria – currently living in Sydney – and recently the Sydney-based native released her new music video titled ‘The Bad Guy’.

When I first heard The Bad Guy, I thought it was just going to be a hard-hitting, foul-mouthed hip-hop track… I was wrong. After having released the audio version seven months ago, SwiftBoi has returned with the music video, which not only showcases her outstanding immaculate lyrical wit, but also the elements of storytelling.

Speaking to SwiftBoi about the video, she went into detail about the single, SwiftBoi explains how The Bad Guy is essentially about “the fact when you’re different you get used as everyones scapegoat. People are quicker to point the finger than look at themselves.”

The theme of the single touches close to home for SwiftBoi, as she explains, that [the story] “was my life in primary school.”

I would always get beat up and my parents and teachers didn’t give a fuck they would let it happen in front of them and then punish me if I ever fought back.”

The attitude of the single is heard from the very beginning, as there is a homage shown to Tony Montana, the lead character from Scarface and one of is most noteworthy scenes.

“The scar face quotes came with the beat so they were there before the rest of the song. Tony montana is an ambitious vicious little guy like me and that quote sums up most of my life.”

The underlying theme of the single was actually much more “colourful and fun and also brutal than” SwiftBoi thought it was going to be. “I wanted to fight the creepy guy for touching the girls but it was the directors idea to drug him and dance around his corpse” explains SwiftBoi.

2019 looks to be a big year for the Sydney-based SwiftBoi, who already has more music in the works, “six more songs dropping in January,” and another “clip in feb and a tour in March,” to kick off 2019.


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