One of the best new alternatively sounding groups Superorganism are back with a new single that showcasing more of what fans have come to like about them since the release of their second single ‘It’s All Good‘ – which is objectively the best song of 2017 (as voted by the minds of Eat This Music).

Superorganism is the brainchild of Japanese-by-way-of-Maine Violinist Orono and seven other musicians – and multiplying – scattered around all over the place and today the super group have released a brand new single that is just as thrilling as the previous. ‘Nobody Cares’ is a song that takes a positive outlook on life.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a crazy street preacher telling everyone they’re going to hell, a moustachioed vape master on a unicycle, skipping about in a pink leotard, drunk guy telling a brick wall all about his problem, a flock of spandex mums pushing stroller, guy bbqjng chicken on the side of the road in a rasta beanie… nobody cares!”

Orono continues that the single is a clever way to combine people’s perspective of not caring. 2017 looks to be a big year for the group as more music is yet to come. Enjoy the new song above.

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