New York is one of the many great tracks off St. Vincent‘s new album Masseduction, which is out now. Today, Welsh-based producer Kelly Lee Owens has released a cover of New York – with the permission of St. Vincent – and Kelly has put together a solid off-beat take on the single that essentially explores the city the song is named after.

After hearing the lyrics, “‘You’re the only motherfucker in this city who can handle me'”, Kelly explains how she “could already hear the potential for a club track / drop at that moment…so to work on this remix was pure joy!!”

“I wanted to show another side to Annie’s work, perhaps a littler darker, harder edged & show its potential to have life in the dance world.”

Kelly has done a great job and I actually enjoyed Kelly’s version more than the original. I would absolutely love to see Kelly cover Pills, that would be amazing!

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