It’s not everyday you hear about new music that features an indigenous Australian metal band, but today that has come so with the release of Southeast Desert Metal‘s anthem “Rainmaker“.

Coming off the release of their forthcoming second album “Break The Silence“, Chris, the band’s vocalist and lyricist, explains how the single “is about how” he “see(s) the land.”

“It’s dry. We haven’t had any rain for a while. In the early days, the old people had the knowledge to sing rain, to make it whenever they needed it.

“I used to have the traditional rainmaker song. One old man used to sing it but he passed away. It’s more about the story of the rainmaking; Asking for more rain for our land before it really dies. To keep our land going.”

I would really like to hear more from Southeast Desert Metal because “Rainmaker” is a soothing metal track that isn’t just loud noises and hard, fast instrumentals for over three minutes.

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