Sophisticated Dingo are one of the best garage-punk bands in Australia right now. Having already releases tracks like Head Talk back in 2017, Sophisticated Dingo are fast becoming more than just upstarts.

Speaking on the creation of the music video, Lew from Sophisticated Dingo explains how the duo “shamefully embraced” their “inner YUPPIE for the shoot and boy, oh boy it felt dirty.”

“We’re glad our coffee-snob alter egos met their match in a showdown with us in true Dingo form though.”

Sophisticated Dingo’s music is fast, impactful and packs messages – in the case of their brand new single ‘Yuppies‘, it is essentially all about watching yourself becoming something you don’t like.

The music video features Sophisticated Dingo themselves as they watch themselves live a class higher than their own, in some sort of wacky, Twilight Zone sort of outcome.

To celebrate the release of the single, Sophisticated Dingo will be out on the road from Saturday April 21st Thursday May 17 at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney and at The Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne.

Saturday April 21st Oxford Art Factory Sydney
Thursday May 17th The Gasometer Hotel Melbourne

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