Having previously been known as ‘Pinhole Down’, Jacksonville, Florida natives SLED (Garrett Wadford (guitar), Micheal Fitzgerald (Fitzy) on Vocals, Matt Phillips (guitar), Lane Pittman (bass) and Kyle Helm (drums)) are moving on from that name and making music as a whole new band – name-wise only.

To celebrate the new name, the four-piece have announced their debut full-length record ‘A Better You’, which is currently scheduled for release 15 September via Bird Attack Records.

The second celebration of the day is that the Floridian four-piece have dropped a first taste of what’s to come off the record with ‘Connect The Network’, which is essentially a two minute and 26 second punk rock song that – provided by the lyrical video above – showcases the world of interconnectivity of “networks”, which could be computers, or the fact we are obsessed with technology. The song is entirely left open to interpretation.

As far as punk rock music goes: this is an enjoyable track that offers elements of punk rocks fans have come to like about the genre for years – even generations – of fast percussion work, witty – with a solid message – lyrics, and an enjoyable experience from all involved, all wrapped up within this two minute and 26 second audible bow.

To celebrate the release of the new single and forthcoming record, SLED are heading out on the road from October 6 to October 8 in Ottawa, St-Hyacinthe and Toronto, Canada.

Find SLED online:
Facebook – SledMusic
Twitter – sled_music
Instagram – sledmusic

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