Aura is the new single from London-based club & electronic artist SG Lewis, and Aura forms just little taste of part one of a three-part album SG Lewis is releasing in 2018. ‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn‘ encompasses the entire project and SG remarks how “everything” he does “stems from club culture.”

“Dusk, Dark, Dawn is about taking the intentions of that music – all of those feelings, those experiences I had from the age of 17 to 19 – and placing them outside of the context of a club. Those memories of being a young person and having my mind completely blown.”

Being released over three phases, SG Lewis‘ ‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn’ follows the narrative of one night out over the course of an album, matching genres and tempos different stages of that night, beginning at sun-down, both inside and outside the club.

Mixing a bit of disco, with west coast hip-hop and 80’s electro vibes to start the kick off the story. SG states, “Disco has always had the association of the start of a night for me. I spent a lot a time as a resident DJ in clubs and disco was always that magnetic genre, always brought people onto the dancefloor.”

“There’s an undeniable beauty to this part of the night. The apprehension, excitement… ‘Dusk’ is the warm-up for the heavier, darker things to come.”

SG Lewis is an artist to watch, as not many artists in their own right release a three-part series within an album over the span of a year.

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