Having Wars, Revel and Rewind throughout the last year or so, San Mei has been working hard on her new EP – which was announced today. The EP is called ‘Necessary’ and to celebrate the occasion, San Mei has released the music video for her recently released single ‘Until You Feel Good‘.

While Until You Feel Good isn’t as poppy or electronic-vibe sounding like Rewind – which is personally our favourite San Mei track here at Eat This Music – it does offer a diverse sounding song that is heavily influenced by its story of a young woman’s time-bending journey across the dream-like and the real when the memory of a boy from her past returns.

As far as the music video goes, it is visually pleasing and offers a lot of feel good cinematography with the use of colours, car shots, landscapes and up-close images of the actors with the added bonus of rain to shift the atmospheric landscape of the story.

To celebrate the release of San Mei’s new EP, San Mei will be heading out on the road on Saturday 8 July in the Gold Coast at Miami Shark Bar to play a launch gig playing alongside Phebe Starr. Grab tickets through Moshtix now.


1. Necessary
2. Rewind
3. Until You Feel Good
4. He Doesn’t Know

San Mei’s ‘Necessary’ EP is schedule for release Friday 14 July.

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