Sam Vance-Law is Canadian artist and today he has released his debut single ‘Prettyboy’. To coincide with the release of the single, Sam has released a music video, which tells the story of a gay man’s world in the 21st century.

Prettyboy comes off Sam’s debut album ‘Homotopia’, which Sam describes as an album “about putting issues of equality front and centre. About testing audiences and their abilities to relate to the stories I’m telling. About calling on empathy and compassion as the first and necessary response to a person and his or her situation, not as a luxury doled out sparingly if and when deemed fit.”

“I look for those moments in music and elsewhere where the way I see the world shifts slightly and for the good.”

Mixing a blend of pop, classical piano, keys and Sam’s very own vocals, Sam has managed to put together a thematically strong single that offers a lot of exploration, story-wise and instrumental-wise too.

‘Homotopia’ will be released in early 2018. Have a Listen to Sam Vance-Law’s debut single above.

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