REWS (Shauna Tohill & Collette Williams) is a female duo from London, England and today they have released ‘Shine’, which is the latest taste of their forthcoming debut album ‘Pyro’, out 3 November.

Having previously given fans a taste of the album with ‘Miss You In The Dark’ back in June, Shauna and Collette continue to show that gritty pop-rock vibes with their instrumentals and kick-ass vocal work that front their music.

To coincide with the announcement of the new single, REWS dropped a music video, which essentially features the two leads as they preform the song live with a bunch of water, glitter and some intense colour filters and visual effects that make this one highly addictive music video.

For a band that only consists of a drummer and guitarist, Shauna and Collette sure do know how to make incredible music.

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