*repeat repeat are a duo out of the United States and recently the dup of Jared and Kristyn released the second taste of what’s to come off their sophomore album with ‘Head On’.

Coming off the release of ‘Glazed‘, scheduled to be released on 31 May, *repeat repeat have returned with an anthem that essentially offers some sweet soothing melodies and bright instrumentals with a music video that is bright and an art decorators worst nightmare.

Going into the story of Head On, Jared and Kristyn explain how it is actually “about self-empowerment, feeling strong and confident” while also “defining who you are to the world.”

“It’s about saying “fuck it” to self-doubt and putting your chin up to take on the world with good intention.”

Following on from the release of ‘Hi, I’m Waiting‘ earlier in 2019, *repeat repeat continue to show why they are one of the best new acts going around and a duo that should not be overlooked.

Stay tuned for more closer to the release of Glazed.

More *repeat repeat

An Eat This Music favourite of *repeat repeat is ‘Hang It Low‘ from the release of their 2017 debut album ‘Floral Canyon’. It’s worth a listen below.


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