Redhook are a rap-rock-electro-pop-probably-a-bit-of-metal-too band out of New South Wales, Australia and recently the Sydney-based three-piece released their brand new mini-movie music video for their recent single ‘Turn Up The Stereotype‘.

Speaking on the creation of ‘Turn Up The Stereotype’, frontwoman Emma explains how the music video was a way to “visually represent” their own “real life experience of trying to figure out where the hell” they “fit in the music industry.”

“Since we launched this project back in June, a lot of our brushes with the industry have involved people trying to pin us into some kind of genre box.”

“And I guess this is our way of rejecting those boxes. By playing a fun game of dress-ups and blowing things up,” Emma concludes.

Coming off the release of their debut single ‘Minute On Fire‘, Redhook have returned with a single that continues their very own mythology in an interesting way. The climax of the video is left up to interpretation as there will be more to come as this band continues to grow.

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