Rat Boy continues to get ever so close to the release of his second album “Internationally Unknown“, due to release January 25.

Prior to the release of Internationally Unknown, Rat Boy has given fans another taste of the album with his brand new single ‘Don’t Hesitate‘, a song that essentially explores Rat Boy and his band of misfits are the world’s worst delivery service.

Speaking on the creation of ‘Don’t Hesitate’, Rat Boy explains how “had the idea for a postal van when” he was “traveling” around Los Angeles “while recording and thought they looked rad.”

“I drew up storyboards of the adventure that I think we stuck pretty close to. We were fully unaware of how fucking hard it is to shoot in L.A. with a small budget, no filming permits and no driving licenses. We kinda just guessed it.”

Crashing, dropping mail, throwing mail, kicking boxes, and generally not caring about services humanity, Rat Boy’s Don’t Hesitate is a fun thrill ride of constant chaos and world of sound.

Rat Boy’s Internationally Unknown is now available for pre-order.

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