Raave Tapes are a band out of New South Wales and today the three-piece have given fans a taste of what’s to come off their forthcoming EP with ‘stabs‘, a song essentially about “the frantic vulnerability of entering a crowded space alone,” explains band member Joab.

Going into detail about the single, the Newcastle native explains how the brand new single features the debut of bassist Lindsay O’Connell on vocals.

With the music video, the band were essentially trying to “convey the emotions that cloud your judgement in that anxiety-inducing moment.”

“It centres on the feeling of being exposed and how it’s possible to internalise and misinterpret the glances and proverbial ‘daggers’ that get thrown your way.”

Showcasing a solid mix of dark, pop and authentic electronic-rock beats through the use of rock beats and large vocals, the band have put together another solid entry into their strong repertoire of singles leaving up to the release of the EP.

Tour dates

29 March – 31 March | The Hills Are Alive Festival | South Gippsland


Instagram: raave_tapes

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