July Talk have dropped a music video for their single ‘Picturing Love’, The new single is taken from their critically acclaimed second album Touch which has just been released in the UK via Caroline Records / Universal.

The film clip is heavy on the black and white and it features different variations and depictions of love in the media:

“We’ve talked a lot about the mainstream media’s depiction of love, romance and sex over the years. Particularly about how hetero-Hollywood porn affects the way young people discover sex and the unrealistic and male-pleasure-centric ideas it forms and perpetuates. The more that people buy into the examples of sex/romance they see, and the less they tune into the actual wants and needs of their bodies/hearts, the more fucked up sexual relationships can become. So lyrically it’s exploring that. Sexuality is complicated and curious and so much more than what mainstream media feeds us and suggests it is.”

It has been a while since I have heard a song from July Talk. Personally, the last track I heard from them was the track ‘Headsick‘, which came out all the way back in 2014! So I am glad to see they are back with another track – even though they have release a whole lot of music since 2014!

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