French artist Petit Biscuit is making quite a name for himself as of late. After having released is debut album “Presence” in 2017 and recently come off a tour of Australia, the 18-year-old has continued to make some incredible feats.

Today sees the release of Petit’s new bouncy, electronic offerings “Suffer“, featuring the vocals of SKOTT and “Safe“.

Speaking on the creation of Suffer, Petit how the “track has been in the making for a year now” and at first he had “used” the track “as an outlet to release some energy, screaming into the microphone.”

“One of my initial recordings made it into the track, that siren sounding shout at the beginning. That’s in part why it’s called Suffer.”

When it came to the vocal proportion of the single, Petit went with a familiar voice, a voice he had come to like recently. “I thought it would be better with some quality vocals,” Petit continues.

“So I asked singer Skott to try something with it. I loved her music, and what she sent immediately felt right. The melodies she sings also communicate the lonely and weird atmosphere of the track.” Petit Biscuit added.

Petit Biscuit has a big 2019 and beyond for himself, with so much more to do when it comes to his music. Stay tuned.

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