This is the second of two Canadian-based artists I am writing about today, as Nōva is a pop artist out of Quebec and recently the Montreal native released her new pop anthem titled ‘Heavy Hitters‘.

Following on from the release of her sophomore single ‘Am I The Only One‘, Nōva has returned with a third single that is used as a three minute and 19 second platform to explore the story “about finally letting go” of “all that negativity and celebrating who you are as a person,” explains Nōva.

Going into detail about the release of her brand new single ‘Heavy Hitters’, Nōva additionally explains how Heavy Hitters is a song about “no matter what your background is,” or “how you dress,” or “how you look,” it is “okay to be exactly who you are,” so “flaunt it!”

Nōva is an artist to watch out for in 2019, because not only does Nōva have a solid voice that showcases her diverse range, but Nōva also has put together another catchy anthem that showcases her strong storytelling ability through the use of pop sounds and big bouncy vibes that glide the listener through the entire jingle just as her two predeceasing singles have done throughout 2017 and 2018.


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