Coming off the release of her forthcoming second album ‘Satis Factory‘, Atlanta’s Mattiel has today released ‘Je Ne Me Connais Pas‘.

Speaking on the release of ‘Je Ne Me Connais Pas’, Mattiel explains how there is “a line where” she says “”I’m a lone star man, I’m a dead ringer. I think the concept for the video stems from this – and it also stems from the dualities of my personality.”

“But it’s absolutely exaggerated and light hearted. We had a blast making it – and it was fun to freak myself out in the mirror,” Mattiel concludes.

An interesting take on the story of ‘Je Ne Me Connais Pas’ is Mattiel decided to dress up as a male, which she “genuinely felt different in drag,” explains Mattiel, and she “had a great time exploring this dirt-bag character I conjured up” for the single.

“I learned that manspreading is a choice, and facial hair is really itchy. And I felt absolutely disgusting by the time we wrapped the shoot, so it was very much an immersive experience.”

Mattiel has put together a solid single that mixes French and English lyrics with great rock essential acoustics accompanied by a solid music video and fun visual component.

‘Je Ne Me Connais Pas’ is the second taste – after ‘Keep The Change‘ – of what’s to come off Mattiel’s second album ‘Satis Factory’, due out for release 17 June via Heavenly Records.

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