Majora are a rock band from Newcastle and today they have released a five minute and 37 second instrumental single called ‘Aphotic’.

Aphotic continues this trend of their stylish instrumental world of music that showcases their skills on all sorts of instruments and percussion throughout this new post-rock, heavy sounding vehicle.

Speaking on the new single, Majora noted how “Aphotic is” essentially their “first conceptual and thematic release,” with the EP’s being full of songs that relate “back to the core concept and written as a continual listening experience from start to finish.”

“We feel this is our best effort to date in songwriting, production and musicianship, and we are very excited to finally release the Aphotic EP and tour a more dynamic and diverse live set.”

Aphotic also serves as the title track off Majora’s forthcoming sophomore EP, which is due out for release 15 September with the single due out for release from Friday 11 August.

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