Lucy & La Mer is an artist out of Los Angeles and recently the California native released her new single and music video titled ‘Rebel Babe‘.

Featuring the lyrics of Bugsy, Lucy & La Mer’s Rebel Babe takes the viewer on a journey of self-exploration, as Rebel Babe is essentially a platform for Lucy and La Mer to express her feelings of recently coming out. “I wanted to create a song that would feel good to perform – something that would lift me up when I don’t feel like I’m enough,” explains Lucy & Le Mar.

“”I’m a rebel babe” began as an affirmation first and then lyric for me.”

Lucy & Le Mar continues with how she “struggled a lot this past year with coming out and learning how to navigate people’s reactions.”

“There is such a stigma around bisexuality and it’s easy to feel misunderstood when everyone around you is questioning your identity.”

Continuing on with the story of the single, Lucy & Le Mar explains how the binary thinking “of pressure to “look gay” or “look straight” – it feels like everyone expects you to take a side.”

“That type of binary thinking inspired the song and especially the music video that I wrote for it,” Lucy & Le Mar continues.

Coming off the release of ‘Honey, Put Your Weapons Down‘ back in 2017, Lucy & La Mer has continued this great trend of mixing her solid pop-filled melodies, strong production values and her soothing vocal range and connected them all into this satisfying new nearly three minute taste of her forthcoming EP.

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