Many people’s favourite New Zealander Lorde has returned with her first piece of music for 2017, the dark, deep and pop anthem, Green Light.

Green Light is the first taste of what’s to come off Lorde’s forthcoming album, Melodrama, which is the first major piece of music since her 2014 release, Pure Heroin, which also received praise from the Australian, New Zealand and international music industry all over.

With the help of producing partners Jack Antonoff and Frank Dukes, Green Light showcases a different narrative to Lorde’s music as she has seemed to move on from her dark-esq previous tracks – Royals and Team specifically – to a more upbeat poppy effort with more colours and heavy vocal work in the atmosphere she has created.

This four minute and three second track offers the first taste off Lorde’s forthcoming sophomore album, Melodrama, due out for release in 2017.

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