2019 looks to be a big year for Brisbane metal five-piece Lavidius. To kick off the year – and introduce their new frontman to the masses – Lavidius have given fans a taste of what they have to offer this year with their brand new single ‘Capitan Benjamin Hornigold‘.

Speaking on the creation of the new single, Lavidius’ new frontman Ben explains how he Captain Benjamin “has one of the best pirate stories…”

Expanding on the history of Captain Benjmain, Ben explains how “He and his crew got so drunk one night after a successful raid that they all threw their hats overboard” and then when “they woke the next morning, they realized their mistake and hunted down a cargo ship and boarded it.”

“They tied up the entire crew and took their hats. They left all of the cargo and only stole the hats to replace the ones they had thrown overboard in their drunken state the night before.”

This nearly five minute track offers Ben’s gritty vocals, repetitive percussion and an outstanding ensemble of backing vocals, giving the atmosphere its much needed strong pirate shanty feel.

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