Heart Back‘ is the debut single from Melbourne-based electronic pop artist LA. Faithfull (moniker of Lisa Anne Faithfull) and the single comes packed with an impactful and heartfelt message and story as Heart Back takes inspiration from a difficult time in Lisa’s own life, specifically a time when “you fall apart and realise that maybe no one will ever be able to put back together those tiny pieces of your heart that feel like they are lost when tragedy strikes.”

Lisa explains how she “wrote the lyrics the night” she found out her father “had prostate cancer…”

“I was going through the motions of looking at my dad’s face when he had to tell us, and watching my mum’s reaction of pure fear – and then feeling that it will never be the same again… even when you have good days, you’re always worried about the next bit of bad news.”

This is a powerful video; as it not only speaks to the volume Lisa is willing to go with her lyrics, but how much effort Lisa has put into the finer details, like the time she gives herself to belt out those lyrics, mixing it with a great underlay of vibes throughout.

2018 is a big year for LA. Faithfull as she has a tour coming soon and probably more music too.

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