Taking a comical approach to the world of heist and kidnapping movies, British rock band, Kill The Ideal, have put together a solid effort to an already enjoyable single. ‘Dangerous!’ is essentially a single about touching on the different aspects of bullying and how “appearances can be deceiving.”

Speaking on the music video, the trio go into detail how they gained inspiration from the movie franchise Die-Hard:

“We went full on Die-Hard shooting this music video and wanted to create something that shows that anyone can be dangerous if they put their mind to it.”

Speaking on the personal influence of the single, Kill The Ideal’s frontman Ash Wilson going into detail about how he was a victim of bullying as a child, speaking on how he “went through hell and high water and ‘Dangerous!’ was the result…”

Kill The Ideal have managed to put together a strong single that not only touches on personal objectives, but also deals with an issue a lot of people have had to go through. The ode to action movies is a nice touch too.

‘Dangerous!’ is the first taste of what’s to come off Kill The Ideal’s forthcoming self-titled EP, due out for release 17 October.

Sep 29th – Pi Bar, Leicester
Sep 30th – Thinking Cap Alldayer, Leeds
Oct 28th – 2Q Festival, Lincoln

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