Kidswaste is a pop producer from France and today he has released is latest single ‘Fade’, which featuring the vocals of Hunting Stories.

Having met “Hunting Stories around two years ago,” Kidswaste really liked their sound and wanted to work with them once the opportunity was presented.

“They sent me the vocals for ‘Fade’ and I instantly fell in love with it. I got most of the main ideas done in five hours, it was all really organic and it’s definitely come to be one of my proudest projects. ‘Fade’ feels really indicative of where my sound is heading and I’m really excited to share it.”

Working together with Hunting Stories works so well, their great vocal highs throughout the single bring the upbeat-ness of the track to a high, with Kidswaste’s production counteracting the vocals with nicely melted drum beats, synth vibes, keys, and a great colourful atmosphere.

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