Another day, another Christmas release. Yesterday it was LA Wise Man, previous to that it was Polish Club and Dude York, today, Los Angeles-based rocker Kat Meoz has released her very own Christmas song she had written with some of my closest music friends.”

Those friends included “Eric Weaver (Iggy Azalea, Camila) and Kyle Biane (Pacific Radio) produced the song, and Eliot Lorango and Salvatore Joseph played bass and drums respectively.”

“My friend Emery Becker came to the studio to film behind the scenes, and I told him that I just kept seeing myself as a giant Christmas tree eating alone in a diner or playing at the beach with some girls.”

Christmas In Hollywood is a fun rock jingle that showcases Kat as a Christmas tree causing chaos in Hollywood, and also showcases how great Kat is a rocker, with basic rock essentials.

Kat Meoz‘s Christmas in Hollywood is off Rodney Bingenheimer’s “Santa’s Got a GTO, Vol. 2” holiday compilation (the first volume was released 20 years ago).

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