With the forthcoming release of K.Flay‘s brand new album ‘Solutions‘ due out for release in just over month, specifically July 12, the Illinois-by-way-of-Los Angeles native has given fans a taste of what’s to come off third studio album with the release of ‘Sister‘, a song essentially about K.Flay’s own interpretation of sisterhood.

Speaking on the inspiration of the single, K.Flay explains how “being a sister isn’t about gender or DNA.” It is “about unselfconscious love” and about “saying I’M HERE, I LOVE YOU, IT’S OK TO BE YOURSELF, and hearing those words echoed back.”

“Not because you asked for them, but because they’re true. Girls are sisters and boys are sisters. Dads are sisters to their sons. Mothers sisters to their mothers too.” — K.Flay on Sisters

The story of ‘Sister’ comes from a deeper and person inspiration, as K.Flay continues with how she has “come to understand that family is created” and “family is a verb,” it is “something you build day by day, sometimes in the hot sun and sometimes when everything is going wrong.”

Having already givens a taste of the new album with ‘This Baby Don’t Cry‘ and ‘Bad Vibes‘, ‘Solutions’ is looking to be a great follow up to K.Flay’s 2017 smash hit record. Stay tuned for more closer to the July release.

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