Having previously released her debut album ‘Don’t Let The Kids Win’ back in October that saw Julia’s career ascend to new heights as she played quite a lot of sold out shows and partook in festivals all around, however, since then, Sydney artist Julia Jacklin has been working on new material and is back with another thoroughly enjoyable soundtrack that showcases more of what fans have come to like about her dry-soundin’ musically ability and vocal work.

‘Eastwick’ about after Julia Jacklin spent a night in front of the TV watching Dancing with the Stars.

Speaking on her previous album, Julia noted how it was essentially about exploring being 24 and the rush to make something before any more time passes by.

“I thought it was going to be a heartbreak record. But in hindsight I see it was about hitting 24 and being like wait, this isn’t what I imagined this part of my life to look like. I thought I was going to be a lot more impressive. This record came from the mad rush to make something before any more time passed me by.”

‘Eastwick’ is the first single from a 7” Eastwick/Cold Caller which will be released on Friday 15 September via Liberation Music.

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