Johnny Hunter are a rock band out of Sydney, Australia and recently the pub-rock five-piece released their brand new single “1995“, which is a song essentially full of “pub-born irony and double-thought observations on the millennial condition,” explains Johnny Hunter.

“Narcissism and self loathing, abundance of knowledge and a lack of concern, the desire to be something great and a disdain for trying too hard,” the band continues.

“Fast, fun, but ultimately bleak in its appraisal of the confusion and simulacrum-oriented living in which we find ourselves, the songs as much of an excuse to kick it out and jump around as it is a raised eyebrow to where we will all end up when the dust settles.”

To celebrate the release of the new video and just how great they are as a band, Johnny Hunter are heading out on the road for a ‘1995 single launch in Newtown on September 15 and will also be appearing at the Yours & Owls Festival on September 30.

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