Jade Bird is a pop artist out of London. Having recently released her brand new single ‘I Get Bo Joy‘ in the latter part of January, the UK-native has today released a music video for the hit single, which is somewhat presented as a person living their life like in the film Groundhog Day, going day by day, doing the same thing and not enjoying what life throws at them.

Coming off the release of her debut album, due out for release 19th April, Jade Bird has today released a music video for I Get No Joy, as Jade uses the music video as a platform to essentially explore the story of boredom through the life of a stuntwoman fighting with herself, to challenge herself, to break through the mundane life cycle she has put herself through.

“It’s here. I Get No Joy the video directed by Jamie Thraves. I can’t quite believe I had my second driving lesson on a video shoot. Channel your inner car singing as you watch xxx”

The music video Jade has created works together well with the theme of the single, as the connotation of trying to be different by repeatedly crashing the car just to feel something different, or breaking the norm by driving away from the film shoot.

The music video is entirely left open to the interpretation by the viewer, as the story could just be about a stuntwoman not liking her job.

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