Following on from the previous release of their latest single, ‘It’s All Good’; which has been hailed here at Eat This Music as one of – if not the – the best songs of 2017 so far.

The music video adds a nice complimentary piece to what the song already provided, this time the visual creativity of the song includes images of whales, mouths, space, NASA, classrooms, houses, dogs running around, goats and cats talking, the universe, a bomb exploding, and much more.

Speaking on the creation of the music video, Superorganism’s Orono expanding on what you can find within the video, featuring the likes of “talking animals, cool traveling shots, and lovely Maine snowstorms.”

“I filmed some stuff on my own, doing regular stuff like getting up, eating Fruit Loops, walking around and all that jazz.”

Also commenting on the why the scenes with all the mouths are “so sick,” and why she “think it’s my favorite scene.”

Also noting;

“Oh and the whale part too, of course. And the outer space scenes. I guess I don’t really have a favorite since the entire video is so god damn cool.”

Watch the entertaining video above.

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