Today is a good day for Kimbra fans as the New Zealand pop artist has released the third (fourth if you’re including Hi Def Distance Romance) taste of what’s to come off Kimbra‘s forthcoming third studio album ‘Primal Heart‘, due out for release in April 20.

Kimbra has already given fans more than enough good tastes of Primal Heart with the releases of Everybody Knows, Top of the World and Hi Def Distance Romance (mailing list exclusive); today, Kimbra has released ‘Human‘, a song – according to Kimbra – that is like “an old spiritual song.”

“This idea that our humanity is discovered in our very basic and primal need for love. I liked the idea it evoked. A heart that is primal. It seemed to reflect this kind of instinctual strength but also acceptance of ourselves as being both animals and spirits that strive toward love.”

Speaking on the creation of the video, Kimbra explains how the “video also speaks to the war with self which is a theme I explore a fair bit in my music.”

“We deny our own pain and our capacity to truly feel that suffering and grow from it. I wrote a blog entry about this stuff a couple of years back, some of you might enjoy it.”

While not as upbeat and fun or energetic as Top of the World and Hi Def Distance Romance, Human is a solid single that is heavy on the story and vibe-y as hell.

With Primal Heart yet to be released until April 20, Kimbra still has more tricks up her sleeve to get fans hyped for the record. Sign up to Kimbra’s mailing list and stay tuned!

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