Back in April Hider released his debut single ‘You Look So Amazing‘ to acclaim from the music industry – specially blogs and radio program a like. Since then, the London-based artist has been working on his next offering,

Today, London-based artist Hider has released his second single, which is essentially a single full of acoustic guitars, synthetic sounds and light-hearted vocals, which continue to show what he has to offer the world of music with the added bonus of Hider’s slick percussion work and vocals throughout the entirety of this new three minute and 46 second offering.

Speaking on the creation of the single, Hider noted how he “always found it easier to write sad songs and often reflect on the past in my songs.”

“With ‘Yosemite’ I wanted to write a song to express how I am feeling right now in my current relationship without being too soppy or emotional, a positive celebratory love song.”

On the visual side of things though, the music video for Hider’s ‘Yosemite’ is great. It is full of great feels, good times, and moments you wish you were having; as Hider and his girlfriend(?) spend the day running around town, sword fighting, attending a gig, and exploring Brighton.

2017 looks to be a big year for the London artist. Come along for the ride and enjoy Hider’s new offering above.

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