It has been seven years since Hello Satellites released their debut album ‘Two Bright Lakes’ and the wait has been worth it, as the Melbourne six-piece (Eva, Amy, Georgia, Cathryn, Peter and George) have released a new taste of what’s to come off their forthcoming third LP, ‘Bright Face’ – due out June 23 – with the new single ‘Blindness’.

Blindness is essentially a two minute and nine second single that takes an artistic look (visually) at a strong vocal range from their singers and the acoustic atmospheric landscape they have created.

Speaking on the visual aspect of the single, the group worked with animator and artist Ning Xue on the visual production side of the video who noted how “it was a quiet night” when she listen to the song and how much she enjoyed listening to Eva’s vocals throughout the track.

“The music flowed beautifully like a river and resonated with me. I closed my eyes, imagining a woman searching in darkness for light. Eva’s clear voice was that light that inspired me. This is how my idea of painting on glass, a play with lines and textures, came into being.”

To celebrate the release of the new LP, Hellow Satellite will be playing a launch gig on Sunday July 16 at The Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood, Victoria.

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